Data science to optimise your Agile software delivery

Plandek mines data from four key sources to reveal, track and manage the metrics that really drive outcomes

Plandek mines the big data that sits within your delivery systems for a new level of insight and visibility.

Plandek uses proprietary algorithms to synthesise these complex, fuzzy data-sets to provide new actionable insights to improve productivity today and early-warning signs to mitigate against the problem projects of tomorrow.

Workflow manaGEMENT software

The complete history of all epics, stories, tasks, tickets and statuses that sit within your workflow management tools

Time tracking software

Individual team member time allocation and cost (if you use a time tracker)

code repositories

All changes within code repositories as code is committed and test cycles are undertaken

code quality tools

Code quality metrics from tools such as SonarQube

Plandek solves a big-data analytics challenge that would not be possible with generic BI tools

The data history found in development teams’ toolsets presents a formidable challenge. Agile processes and workflows are by definition highly varied within organisations. As a result, the data is often fuzzy at best and needs configuring between systems. Plandek’s flexible design enables collection and analysis of data from:

Multiple system instances, processes & workflows

of projects

of participants

In addition, Plandek has a purpose-built processing capability not easily replicable in a generic BI tool which performs 10 7 calculations daily on the cleaned data to provide the actionable and accurate insights, down to team and individual level, that are available in real-time within the platform.

Track and manage key metrics not visible with current toolsets...

Track and manage the levers that really drive project outcomes. These levers are very often not visible with current toolsets.

… see for the first time, the inaccuracies in your current metrics

Stop basing decisions on raw data from Jira that is unreliable and inaccurate. Understand the team behaviours that are clouding your data picture and really understand team efficiency – on-shore, off-shore, contractors and in-house.

… and benchmark your Agility metrics against industry-wide comparators

Plandek has built a rapidly growing library of Agility benchmarks of metrics that empirical analysis has shown to be deterministic of improved Agile development outcomes. Hence they are metrics that are meaningful and bare comparison.

These benchmarks help you set targets and calibrate your progress towards Agile engineering excellence.

Plandek is working with a new wave of engineering teams

Plandek is a practical tool used daily from Team Leaders to the CIO, quickly becoming an integral part of your Agile methodology

Plandek’s data science empowers engineers and transforms Agile project outcomes

Plandek’s analytics empowers individual engineers – it enables them to work within an organisation that just works better! The net result is happier teams and better project outcomes.

  • Improved visibility and reduced risk

    Plandek reveals the real truth at team and project level across your complex Agile ecosystem to greatly improve your reporting and decision making

  • Increased productivity

    Plandek unpicks the delivery process right down to team level to identify and remove bottlenecks, increase velocity and shorten delivery times

  • Earlier and more accurate delivery

    Plandek tracks and manages early warning signs of problem projects, so you remove delays and improve forecasting accuracy

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