• Deliver more. No surprises.

    Plandek mines data from your dev teams’ toolsets for insight, to drive Agile project productivity and predictability…

    • Track and manage the “Big Six” levers of  team productivity and project timing
    • These levers are often not visible with existing toolsets
    • Potential 15-20% improvement in Agile team productivity
    • Used daily from Team Leaders to the CTO

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  • Plandek leads a new wave of data-driven Agile delivery optimisation.

Plandek mines the data buried in your delivery management systems for new and actionable insights

  • Top to bottom


  • Start to finish

Plandek works where other BI tools fail

  • Plandek is unique in providing real project understanding in a complex and imperfect Agile world.

    As complexity increases – with multiple teams, methodologies, projects, locations and system instances – existing toolsets struggle to deliver accurate and meaningful insight.

    Plandek mines the data history within your dev teams’ toolsets to provide new and accurate insight however complex and imperfect your Agile environment.


    Deep dive analysis of individual projects, teams and sprints.

    Root cause summary reports revealing underlying
    opportunities and constraints.

    Intelligent forecasting for early and more accurate intervention.


Plandek is working with some leading global brands

Improve your development productivity by 15-20% with Plandek

  • Track and manage The Big Six levers that drive development productivity and predictability.


  • Plandek makes for happier Agile teams

    • Managers have the confidence to let Agile teams do what they do best – work unhindered
    • Bottlenecks are spotted and sorted quickly
    • Engineers get the recognition that they deserve for collaboration and working as a cohesive team
  • Plandek makes for happier Agile managers

    Whether you’re responsible for a single scrum or multiple distributed teams, Plandek makes you more productive and makes your life easier.

    • Less time collecting data and preparing reports
    • Far better project visibility and early warning of potential problem projects
    • Ability to decentralise decision making and “manage by exception”
    • Improved, intelligent delivery forecasting
  • Plandek makes for better stakeholder relationships

    Plandek gives Technology managers a common language to better communicate with stakeholders and demonstrate that:

    • Teams and the Agile process are working efficiently
    • They are responsive to changing stakeholder needs
    • Delivery forecasting accuracy is improving
    • The right financial and resource allocation decisions are being taken

What our customers have to say… “Plandek is a revelation…”

  • Having used other solutions without much success to get meaningful metrics out of our Agile processes, this has been a revelation and has helped massively in engaging our business with our software delivery through the Atlassian stack.

    Michael Leslie

    Dixons Carphone

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