"Done" only tells half the story...

Understand the full story of your end-to-end software delivery with Plandek, the complete engineering and Agile metrics platform.

Combine data from all your engineering and delivery tools

Real insights don't come from a single source. Get total visibility across your software delivery  by combining the data sitting within your various software engineering systems for a complete understanding.

Workflow manaGEMENT software

The complete history of all epics, stories, tasks, tickets and statuses that sit within workflow management tools like Jira.

code repositories

All changes within code repositories as code is committed and test cycles are undertaken in tools like GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket.

code quality tools

Code quality metrics from tools such as SonarQube.


All insights from your Continuous Delivery/Integration tools like Jenkins.

Time tracking software

Individual team member time allocation and cost if you use a time tracker like Tempo or Harvest.


Enrich your systems data with real-time feedback from your engineers, collected via collaboration tools like Slack.

Get a complete view across all your programmes, projects and teams

Whether you have several Jira instances, hundreds of projects and teams, or thousands of engineers  - get a complete view across your whole organisation and programmes. The data across all these systems isn't organised for traditional BI solutions, let Plandek handle the complexity.

Multiple system instances, processes & workflows

of projects

of participants

The complete end-to-end view

Understand and improve your end-to-end software delivery through actionable insights at each stage. From the moment you have an idea until your team delivers.

Largest library of Agile metrics

Select from the largest library of Agile metrics available, covering all aspects of your software delivery. Choose from metrics on process efficiency and best practices, code, quality, delivery and team collaboration.

Any view. Any level. Any time.

Design your own dashboards to focus on the areas your team and organisation need to understand and optimise your software delivery capability. Or start quickly with pre-defined dashboards covering the most common questions. No more waiting for manual reports, get real time insights.

Engineering teams that value Agile metrics - and the whole story

These leading engineering teams use Plandek's engineering and Agile metrics to improve and deliver every day.

Continuously improve and deliver

Empower you teams and engineers – enable everyone to be fully informed about their work and contribution. Make your Agile ceremonies and retrospectives data driven to get more engaged teams and better project outcomes.

  • Shared understanding of your Agile delivery capability

    Understand your end-to-end delivery process to enable teams to identify and remove bottlenecks, increase velocity and shorten delivery times.

  • Improved visibility and reduced risk

    Get visibility at team and project level across your complex Agile ecosystem to make informed decisions and reduce risks.

  • Easier and more accurate delivery

    Improve sprint accuracy and manage early warning signs of problem projects. Remove delays and improve forecasting accuracy.

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