Plandek helps you deliver more effectively - every single day

Plandek has insight, tools and reports that are invaluable for busy teams facing the constant pressure to deliver. It quickly becomes embedded within your daily routines.


You're in the trenches writing code with the constant pressure to meet the expectations of the business.

Plandek quickly becomes an invaluable tool that you use day-in and day-out, to help you and your team deliver more accurately and productively.

Delivery and Project Management

You are balancing the demands of the client with the challenges faced by the engineering team.

You need absolute visibility of the development process across programme, projects and teams.

Plandek's reporting suite enables you to share project progress, forecasts and mitigation plans - so that you build stronger relationships with your stakeholders.


As your engineering team scales it becomes complex very quickly and often lacks real transparency.

You need total visibility across all engineering programmes and exception reports of the metrics that matter.

Plandek underpins your longer-term commitment to continuous improvement

All organisations are on a never-ending journey towards engineering excellence. As with all Continuous Improvement challenges they require constant tracking and dedicated resource to drive forwards.

The Plandek analytics platform provides a critical set of metrics and related targets to calibrate your progress towards Agile engineering excellence.

Secret Escapes – using Plandek’s insight to drive Agile engineering excellence in a growing development team

            Plandek’s Agile BI platform provides a range of metrics that track our progress towards engineering excellence…”

“The improved visibility that Plandek provides helps us reduce delivery risk – it provides a new level of actionable insight to help teams become more effective over time. It is a key enabler on our journey towards Agile engineering excellence.


Eirik Pettersen, CTO Secret Escapes

The Secret Escapes development team already understood the importance of meaningful metrics to drive their relentless pursuit of engineering excellence.

They recognised that excellence is only achieved by constant improvement – and constant improvement requires the ability to track progress. The key is finding the metrics that are meaningful and trusted by the teams. And this is where Plandek has really helped.

A Continuous Improvement process is already underway working alongside the Plandek Customer Success team. Initial focus has been on:

Eirik concludes:


                It is early days with Plandek, but it is already making an important contribution to our collective effort to constantly improve our already world-class Agile engineering capability at Secret Escapes.


Plandek's benchmarking helps you demonstrate your relative capabilities

Plandek shows you industry averages and best practice targets for each key metric, so that you can see how you compare.

Although no benchmarks are perfect, comparisons can be very helpful to demonstrate to stakeholders your relative strengths.

Plandek's customised reporting integrates with your broader BI

Plandek is embraced at all levels with the technology team to underpin a new wave of accelerated Agile delivery. As such, Plandek provides customised dashboards and reports suitable for very different users:

  • 1

    Access to Plandek data to enable clients to select the metrics they are interested in and present them in their own UI.

  • 2

     Use of Plandek’s UI customised to the client’s requirements.

Trusted partners offer help to act on the new insight that Plandek reveals

Plandek is used on a daily basis from Team Leader to the CTO at two levels within the business:

  • 1

    To accelerate ongoing development projects (the day job)

  • 2

    To track and manage the longer-term journey towards Agile engineering excellence.

As a result, our clients often ask for consulting support to help implement the opportunities for improvement revealed by Plandek at both levels.

Our Customer Success team provide an excellent level of ongoing relationship management but if you require more extensive consulting support we engage our trusted consulting partners.