Plandek offers out-of-the-box and customised solutions, both in the cloud and on-premise

Plandek offers a number of different deployment solutions for clients depending on their unique needs...

Plandek’s flexible architecture enables a variety of customisation options

Plandek’s out-of-the-box solution suits many of our clients.  It is very easy to implement and is built around a simple set of metrics that we know to be highly deterministic of improved Agile development outcomes. Hence you are sure to track and improve the metrics that really matter.

However, some clients have particular needs and complex existing data mining and reporting structures. In these instances, we offer two broad customisation options:

  • 1

    Access to Plandek data to enable clients to select the metrics they are interested in and present them in their own UI.

  • 2

     Use of Plandek’s UI customised to the client’s requirements.