Plandek is the most complete analytics platform available, to better manage the development process


    Plandek mines the big data that resides within your software delivery systems 
for actionable insights:

    • History of all epics, stories, tasks and tickets that sit within your workflow management tools
    • Employee time-spent and cost (if you use a time tracker)
    • All changes within code repositories as code is committed and test cycles 
are undertaken
    • Code quality metrics from tools such as SonarQube

    Plandek synthesises these data sources to provide new insights and perspectives.

    And our machine learning looks at observed trends over time to predict future outcomes earlier and more accurately.

It’s super easy to get started with Plandek

    • Cloud based
    • No integration effort client-side
    • Super-flexible – we configure the platform to match your unique processes and systems
    • Built for integration with the Atlassian stack (Jira), Git, Bit Bucket, Harvest, Tempo
    • Highly secure – security is the corner-stone of the Plandek solution

Plandek focuses on Information Security

  • Data security is our key priority. It is at the heart of the Plandek architecture and our business processes, as we recognise the huge responsibility relating to processing our trusted clients’ data off premises.

    Plandek works with clients large and small, all of whom demand the highest levels of data security. As such we take a number of steps to ensure very high levels of data security:

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Plandek is working with some leading global brands

Plandek has none of the disadvantages of generic BI tools – it is designed for the task in-hand

  • Plandek has been built from the ground-up to fulfil a particular purpose and has major advantages over generic BI tools:

    • It requires no configuration and complex integration client-side
    • A login permission to the client systems is all that is needed to access the data within these systems
    • The Plandek team undertake a two day configuration exercise and the analytics platform is ready to use

    Plandek’s functionality would take weeks of configuration with a broader BI tool and our Intelligent Forecasting capability is unique.

    Plandek works in a world of complex projects, system instances, team structures and varied processes

    The most common problem of BI tools is “rubbish data in, rubbish insight out”.

    Plandek’s clever configuration allows it to draw meaningful and comparable insights from inconsistent agile environments, with varied process adherence and multiple system instances.