Plandek for Delivery and Engineering managers

Plandek allows the careful selection of meaningful rolled-up engineering and Agile metrics and trend views across products, projects, boards, teams etc.  

  • Create a custom view of your area of responsibility built around the questions that matter to you

  • Track improvements in your teams’ capabilities and Agility over time
    Reduce delivery risk by identifying bottlenecks and predictors of delivery delays

  • See an objective view of team engagement and motivation

  • Easy drill-down to team and source code get to the root cause of the

  • Use your improved visibility to better manage your offshore and contractor teams.

Empower your engineers with Plandek's customised team-level dashboards

The customisable, team-level Plandek dashboard surfaces the code, behavioural and flow metrics that teams need to consistently self-improve their capabilities through continuous review and adjustment.

Engineers can choose the metrics that are right for them.  The net result is self-improving, highly motivated, happier teams and better outcomes.

  • Increase collaboration, improve quality and reduce risk with Plandek’s code metrics

  • Transform retrospectives with quant insight from your own balanced scorecard of trusted metrics

  • Leverage the power of Slack and capture your engineers’ feedback in real time at all points in their workflow, for review and retrospectives

  • Greatly improve estimation accuracy and sprint delivery  Reduce cycle and lead times by identifying delivery bottlenecks in real time.

Plandek for technology leadership - Agile governance

Agile governance is a complex challenge that needs the most complete and flexible Agile BI solution available.

Plandek provides trusted Agile governance.  The unique combination of engineering and Agile metrics across the end-to-end delivery cycle tracks the Agility and effectiveness of your delivery capability.

  • Reduce risk with complete visibility of your end-to-end delivery process across your whole organisation

  • Demonstrate the success of your Agile transformation to your team and stakeholders

  • Drive effective continuous improvement based on a balanced scorecard of Agile metrics that you can track over time

  • Build a custom dashboard to answer your key questions and challenges

  • Drill-down within programmes and projects to see the root cause of issues