Plandek applies data science to focus on the real determinants of project outcome

Our view is that the last thing a busy technology team needs is yet another analytics tool filled with data that does not directly impact desired outcomes.

The Plandek analytics platform is based on the analysis of the underlying data from a great variety of Agile development projects (some successful, some less so). It is built around the “Big Six” levers that this analysis has shown are highly deterministic of team productivity and project predictability.

The Big Six are conceptually very simple, meaning that stakeholders can also start to understand them – so building trust between the delivery team and their internal clients.

All six are actively managed (right down to the team level) using the Plandek platform – so that you only concentrate on the levers that really drive project outcomes.

best practice agile process and tool use

See where inconsistent use of Jira and other poor practices are preventing a clear view of process hygiene and efficiency across teams.

sprint disciplines

Track sprint completion, overdues and WIP queues to identify teams that are showing signs of stress and declining velocity - and which are adversely affecting delivery accuracy.

time spent/efficiency of writing new features

Reveal the proportion of time writing new features. Track the process efficiency of individual teams to analyse cycle times and identify bottlenecks.

quality metrics

See the source of return rates from QA and its effect on team velocity. Track return rates by team and individual in order to provide support.

time spent/efficiency of fixing stuff

See the 'cost' of time and effort expended fixing bugs and returns. See differences between teams and over time in order to target help where needed.

Teamwork and collaboration

Track and encourage collaboration within teams. Ensure people who need support get it and the ones who give support get the recognition for it.

Plandek focuses on the software development process within the broader DevOps cycle

In the wider DevOps cycle, Plandek is focused only on the development phase which tends to be the most people intensive, time consuming and costly.

In an Agile world, this development phase can be spread across
multiple (scrum) teams that may be onshore, offshore, contractors or inhouse. Each team solves coding challenges, in doing so runs a complex process – from pre-development to UAT.

It is this process that Plandek unpicks (down to the team level) to look for friction (inefficiency) and early warning signs of future problems.

It is this continuous, real-time process analysis that, on average, reveals an opportunity to improve team productivity by 15-20%.

Plandek is built around your Information Security

Data security is our key priority. It is at the heart of the Plandek architecture and our business processes, as we recognise the huge responsibility of processing our trusted clients’ data off premises.

Plandek works with clients large and small, all of whom demand the highest levels of data security. As such we offer a range of on-premise data gathering capabilities and take a number of steps to ensure very high levels of data security

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