Transform Agile project visibility reporting

Plandek uses big-data analytics to track, manage and report on the levers that really drive project outcomes.

Track and improve team productivity

Plandek unpicks the delivery process to identify and remove bottlenecks, increase velocity and shorten delivery times.

Deliver earlier and more accurately

Plandek tracks and manages early warning signs of problem projects, so you remove delays and improve forecasting accuracy.

Build stakeholder trust

Plandek speaks a language that stakeholders can understand. The key levers that Plandek measures are conceptually very simple and are easily understood by non-technical stakeholders.

The customised stakeholder progress reports are built on these simple concepts and designed to bring the technology team far closer to their internal customers.

Reduce delivery risk

Plandek reveals the real truth at team and project level so that you sleep better at night. It provides a level of visibility across complex Agile environments that has been hitherto impossible. It reveals the "known unknowns" and the "unknown unknowns". It also reveals just how inaccurate the "known knowns" really are (upon which forecasts are based and decision made).

The net result is a significant reduction in the risk inherent in larger Agile delivery ecosystems.