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Whitepaper: Meaningful Agile metrics that can work for everyone

At Plandek we get the opportunity to work with a great variety of Agile engineering teams – from very large, distributed enterprises - to start-ups.  

All are on a journey towards “Agile engineering excellence” (which means different things to different people).  Any journey requires measurement to track progress over time - and measurement requires meaningful metrics.  

And here the problems start, as the debate over meaningful Agile metrics seems never-ending.  It is not helped by the fact that the concept of Agile metrics is easily associated with the concept of top-down measurement which is alien to the Agile philosophy of decentralised, empowered and self-determining teams.  

Nevertheless, in our view, sensible metrics are essential in any complex endeavour and it is perfectly possible to find a simple set of Agile metrics that teams, Team Leaders, Scrum Masters, Delivery Managers and technology leadership can all agree upon.  

This short paper focuses on our favourite, simple set of meaningful metrics.  By meaningful metrics, we mean metrics that are deterministic of improved Agile outcomes, as there is no point in measuring stuff that is not a driver of success.

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