Webinar: Data Driven Software Delivery

Data-Driven Software Delivery Webinar

In the current business landscape, every company is a software company, and getting objective insights on the delivery process is becoming increasingly important for companies to stay on top of the competition. Data is not just a buzzword, but something successful technology leaders analyse religiously to constantly deliver innovation. Learn how to become a data-driven technology leader using end-to-end delivery analytics.

In our webinar together with Stuart Pearce, an Operating Partner at Hg Capital, we will be talking about the benefits of introducing objective data to the software delivery process and discussing the impact Agile & Delivery metrics have on driving modern development practices. We will also share the critical metrics you should be looking at.

Join our live discussion with Stuart Pearce on the 19th of September, at 2:30 pm.


- How can objective data on the end-to-end software delivery help drive innovation?

- Data-driven technology leadership: why and how?

- Delivery metrics best practices: choosing the right objectives and analysing data.

- Hg Capital case: the impact of Agile metrics on software delivery within the portfolio businesses.

Sign up: http://bit.ly/plandek-webinar

About Stuart Pearce

Stuart is an Operating Partner at Hg focusing on driving engineering excellence and best practice across the portfolio.

Stuart joined Hg having spent the last 16 years of his career in technology leadership positions in cybersecurity software. He has a track record of building integrated on/near/off-shore teams to deliver world class platforms and applications. Stuart is a skilled practitioner at developing and deploying effective engineering operational processes, controls, governance and working practices (such as agile, continuous integration delivery methods) as a means to accelerate the realisation of value.

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