Plandek builds on success of the Version 1 dashboard with major new product release

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Plandek the rapidly growing SaaS provider of software delivery BI has put its $2.7m recent fund-raise to work with its first project update of 2018.

The Plandek dashboard/forecasting platform is designed to help delivery teams more effectively manage the software development process through actionable insight.  It mines data sitting within commonly used delivery tools (e.g. Jira, Github etc), to identify bottlenecks in the process; the impact of scope change, and trends in team velocity – in order to improve teams’ productivity and forecast delivery/spend more effectively.

The latest version of the Plandek dashboard enables more detailed analysis within Sprints and the creation of bespoke reports for use in Sprint retrospectives. In addition, it offers additional insights into deltas between teams and if desired, individual velocity.

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