Plandek is designed to manage the “Big Six” levers that drive development productivity and predictability

    1. The critical enabler – best practice Agile process and tool use 
    2. Sprint disciplines and consistent delivery of sprint goals (Scrum Agile)
    3. Proportion of time spent/efficiency of writing new features (productive coding)
    4. QA failure rate and therefore…
    5. Proportion of time spent/efficiency of bug fixing and re-working returns from QA
    6. Teamwork and the ability to collaborate effectively.

    The analysis suite enables team leaders and managers to quickly identify actionable insights to improve efficiency. It allows the review of key metrics at every level:

    • Overall project level
    • Compare scrum team by team
    • Compare individuals within team
    • Look at an individual sprint or multiple sprints

Plandek’s Root Cause Reports enable rapid RAG review of multiple projects simultaneously

  • In addition to the custom analytics capability, Plandek provides a set of diagnostic reports for use within the delivery team and to communicate externally with stakeholders.

    Root-cause analysis techniques have been applied to provide a set of diagnostic reports that reveal the real causes of changes to project velocity and cost.

    Managers can easily monitor multiple projects, see the projects with opportunity for improvement and pull reports to show where the opportunities and problems lie:

    • Timing Status and risk report
    • Scope change report
    • Cost report
    • Process efficiency and bottleneck report
    • Code report
    • Teamwork report


Plandek’s Intelligent Forecasting IP gives you earlier and more accurate visibility of project timing and cost

  • If you can generate insight from the big data sitting within your software delivery systems, you can work smarter and increase the accuracy of your delivery forecasting…

    Intelligent forecasting is a key objective of the Plandek analytics platform.

    Burndown charts tend to be linear extrapolations of past velocity. Instead, Plandek analyses trends in key determinant variables sitting within your data to predict project timing and cost earlier and more accurately.

    Our proprietary forecasting algorithms look at changes in the velocity of these variables such as:

    • Observed changes in process efficiency (e.g. lengthening ticket cycle times 
and deteriorating returns rates)
    • Likely changes in available resource
    • Observed changes in scope creep over time
    • Changes in backlogs and WIP – to better predict project timing and cost, earlier
  • From Insight to Foresight

    Our proprietary IP takes the insight generated from your data to better predict project timing and cost.


Plandek is working with some leading global brands