Plandek can radically improve Agile project productivity and predictability across teams and locations

1. Process Efficiency

Identify and remove friction from the development process

  • It’s a given that development teams rely on the talent of the engineers, however real gains can be made by analysing the development process to identify hidden bottlenecks that are costing time and money.

    As Agile teams scale, these hidden costs can grow almost exponentially.

    Ticket cycle times

    Easy review of ticket cycle times to identify where hand-offs between developers or between development and QA are resulting in “on hold” tickets that are not being actioned

    First time pass rate and returns rate

    Identify the true cost of deterioration in first time pass rate and return rate. Tickets returned from QA are a common source of friction, tying up key resource and further time.


2. People

Save time and give Team Leaders the confidence and tools to actively manage their teams

  • Team management can be inconsistent.  Team Leaders are often talented engineers with limited management experience.

    Plandek is designed to help Team Leaders manage better and more consistently:

    • A balanced daily view of all members of the team and how efficiently tickets are moving through development and QA.
    • Super-useful sprint reports for daily stand-ups and sprint retrospectives.


    Improve team collaboration for better performance

    Teams that collaborate effectively, improve quality and productivity.  

    Plandek helps Team Leaders encourage teamwork – by tracking and rewarding teamwork metrics such as Collaborative Lines, Helping Out and Pair Programming.

    Improve people development within teams

    Team leaders may not be experienced people managers. Plandek gives them the tools to mentor and coach their team in a structured and objective way. 

    The balanced scorecard for each team member supplements people development initiatives and appraisals with quantitative data.

3. Reporting and communication

Save time building manual reports and communicate better within and without

  • Plandek’s reporting suite is designed to enable you to communicate clearly and save time on reporting.

    Whether it’s internal team reports – from Sprint reviews all the way up to major project audits – or external stakeholder communication – Plandek presents the insight in a compelling way.

    Make better financial decisions

    Cost reporting across technology teams is often inconsistent. The key focus is on tracking the cost of inputs (e.g cost of engineers) – and not the cost per unit of output.

    Plandek enables detailed analysis of the cost per unit of output so you can start to see the real difference in the economics of on-shore, on-shore, in-house and contractors.

    Identify the real cost of scope creep

    Scope creep is a key frustration of delivery managers and quantifying its impact is time consuming.

    Not so with Plandek which shows where stakeholders have added functionality (outside the agreed Agile parameters), and the cost/time taken to deliver these scope changes.


Plandek is working with some leading global brands