The mission

  • Our mission is simple – to help software development teams deliver more for less, more quickly. And so help them build a happier relationship with their stakeholders.

    Agile environments are paradoxical. Accountability remains centralised while responsibility is increasingly decentralised. It’s all about engineering talent, but actually process is vital too. And the process is data-rich and digitised, but often lacking in transparency, (both to the IT leadership team and the stakeholders beyond).

    Plandek’s mission is to try to solve this paradox by using the big data which sits within the digitised software development process. These data provide actionable insight to work smarter today – as well as provide the potential to far better predict where you will be tomorrow (what we call technology foresight). And we believe also that this foresight will be increasingly driven by AI.

    Absolute transparency of the software development process (down to the individual level), gives IT leadership the confidence to let decentralised software teams do what they do best – right great code in an environment where any bottlenecks to the process have been identified and removed. And the foresight we can provide greatly improves the early forecasting of project delivery and spend.

  • The short story

    Plandek was launched in London in October 2017 following 18 months of development work. It is led by two experienced entrepreneurs – Dan Lee (who’s Globrix property search engine was merged into Zoopla) and Charlie Ponsonby who founded Simplifydigital which was acquired by Dixons Carphone in 2016.

    The Plandek tool set has been developed directly out of the team’s shared experiences of managing growing and distributed Agile teams and their conviction that the software development process lacks transparency, both for those managing the process within IT and the stakeholders relying on IT to deliver technology projects upon which their business success depends.


The leadership team

  • Dan Lee

    Co-founder and Co-CEO

  • Charlie Ponsonby

    Co-founder and Co-CEO

  • Nadia Tosheva

    Head of Customer Experience

  • Reuben Sutton

    Head of Platform Engineering

  • Eduardo Turino

    Head of Application Engineering

  • Luke Thomas

    Head of Product

  • Ryan Hoban

    Sales Director

  • Richard Goemaat

    Sales Director

  • James Surridge

    Customer Success Manager