Our mission

Our mission is simple – to provide insights into your end-to-end software delivery so you can deliver more easily, faster and more effectively. Plandek combines all the data gathered by your software delivery tools so you get access to the largest library of Agile Metrics for informed decision making.

As Agile is more widely adopted - the need for measurement becomes more pressing. As such, "Agile Metrics" are a current and contentious subject.

Plandek provides an analytics tool that integrates across various delivery tools (e.g. JIRA, GIT, Jenkins, Sonarqube etc) to provide insights on the end-to-end delivery process, which is not only incredibly useful for teams’ self-improvement efforts, but surfaces some very interesting trends that are relevant to Agile delivery planning, capability building, and risk management.

Plandek enables you to answer questions like:

- Are we delivering software in line with our roadmap?
- Are we delivering software as efficiently as possible?
- Are we delivering software of the highest quality possible?
- And hence is our Agile transformation delivering against its core objectives?

And many more...

Plandek works with organisations at various stages in their Agile journey – to enable their Agile teams to track and drive their self-improvement over time; and leadership to demonstrate accelerated progress towards Agile engineering excellence.

The short story

Plandek was launched in London in October 2017. It is led by two experienced entrepreneurs – Dan Lee (whose Globrix property search engine was merged into Zoopla) and Charlie Ponsonby who founded Simplifydigital which was acquired by Dixons Carphone in 2016.

The Plandek tool set has been developed directly out of the team’s shared experiences of managing growing and distributed Agile teams and their conviction that the software development process lacks transparency, both for those managing the process within IT and the stakeholders relying on IT to deliver technology projects upon which their business success depends.

Our leadership team

Charlie Ponsonby

Co-founder and Co-CEO

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Dan Lee

Founder and Co-CEO

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